Get them the perfect Christmas gift

Personalised Marmite Gift Packs

This Christmas say it with love. Better yet, say it with a personalised Marmite jar. Whether it’s the Holidays, Mother’s Day or their birthday, get the Marmite lovers in your life the perfect Christmas gift – A 250G Marmite Gift Set. Now, let’s raise a (slice of) toast to the holidays!

Love you & Dad 250g Marmite Jar gift set

Not sure on gift ideas for your Dad this year? Our personalised Marmite gift jar set is here to help! And with a personalised label you’re sure to please.

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Love you & Mum 250g Marmite Jar gift set

There are two important acts in life: eating breakfast and telling your mother that you love her. How about that? Our Marmite Gift Sets help you do both.

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Love you x2 250g Marmite Jar gift set

Joy in a jar. Spoil your loved ones by making it personal with our Marmite Gift Sets. The perfect gift does exist. 

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Mum & Dad 250g Marmite Jar gift set

Two gifts in one. Personalised Marmite Jars, one for Mum and one for Dad. That’s smart shopping with a personal touch. You’re welcome. 

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Mum & Mum 250g Marmite Jar gift set

For mothers who love to smother Marmite on their toast, this one’s for you. If your Mum is a Marmite lover, then what better way to surprise her?

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Dad & Dad 250g Marmite Jar gift set

Struggling with gift ideas for Dad? We’ve got you covered. Give him the gift he’ll love with a personalised touch. We love you Dads!

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