Frequently Asked Questions

What is Marmite and how is it made?

Marmite is a dark, thick, yeast extract spread. It’s made from concentrated yeast extract, which is a by-product from brewing beer.

It was conceived in 1902 when the Marmite Food Company opened a small factory in Burton-on-Trent – where it still resides today. Ever since, Marmite’s distinctive taste has caused a great divide in Britain. Whether you’re a lover or a hater – we hope you’ve at least tried it!


Is Marmite alcoholic?

No, not in any way. Any alcohol in the yeast evaporates off during the Marmite-making process.


Is Marmite halal?

Yes. The entire Marmite range is halal – and certified by the Halal Food Authority.


Is Marmite vegetarian or vegan?

The entire Marmite range is vegan, and certified by the European Vegetarian Union (EVU), except for the 70g jar. The 70g jar is currently only vegetarian – though we are in the process of moving towards vegan approval from the EVU.


Is Marmite kosher?

Only Marmite 70g is kosher: the rest of the range is not.


Is Marmite gluten-free?

No, Marmite is not gluten-free.

Marmite’s major ingredient is an extract from brewer’s yeast arising from beer-making. Malted barley, wheat, and rye are typically used to make many beers and they contain gluten. Despite thorough washing, the collected yeast may still contain low levels of gluten which may carry through to the final product.


How much B12 is there in a serving of Marmite?

One 8g serving contains 1.9 µg of B12, equivalent to 76% of an average adult’s daily reference intake.


How much salt is there in a serving of Marmite?

A typical 8g serving of Marmite contains 0.86g of salt, equivalent to 14% of an average adult’s daily reference intake. An 8g serving of Marmite Reduced Salt contains 0.49g of salt equivalent to 8% of an average adult’s daily reference intake.


What’s the difference between reduced salt and original Marmite?

Marmite Reduced Salt contains at least 25% less salt than our original Marmite. We’ve endeavoured to make Marmite Reduced Salt taste as similar as possible to our original, iconic Marmite. There were no changes in terms of adding or removing ingredients in Marmite Reduced Salt compared to normal Marmite.


Can pregnant ladies eat Marmite?

Yes! In fact, Marmite is rich in folic acid – and the NHS recommends folic acid supplements during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy and whilst women are trying to conceive.


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