2012 - Marmite Valentines

2012 – Marmite Valentines

In 2012 more than 62,300* were planning to make a Marmite and cheese sandwich on Valentine’s day.


As a result, we encouraged people to butter up their other half and indulge in a bit of tasty crumpet on 14th February, by sending a limited edition e-card designed by renowned artist, Pete Fowler.


Fowler, known for his iconic Monsterist illustrations for bands such as Super Furry Animals and The Horrors, commented: “Marmite is my ultimate passion – after my girlfriend – so it was the yeast I could do to design the e-cards. Hopefully, they will get people spreading the love on Valentine’s Day.”


*62,300 = 1% of the total population statistic from the Office of National Statistics (62.3 million