2013 - Marmite super fans

2013 – Marmite super fans

Following the launch of Marmite’s much-debated End Neglect advert in 2013, lovers of this yeast extract across the country went to extraordinary lengths to show their support to help End Marmite Neglect – the appeal to prevent cruelty, alleviate suffering and promote kindness to all Marmite jars forgotten at the back of kitchen cupboards.

From sheep to a house, and from a car to a name change, fans took it upon themselves to donate substantial parts of their lives to support the cause – and Marmite was delighted and honoured to be able to share these creations.


2013_SuperFans_3_2Say BAA for Marmite

Marmite-loving farmer, Jack Skillington and his daughter, Tilly (aged 12), from Kent transformed a selection of their flock of sheep to spread the word about ‘Maa-mite’. The Marmite hating sheep of the flock apparently wanted nothing to do with the transformation.

Jack Skillington commented: “I tend to my sheep every morning, just like my jar of Marmite, so it seemed the most obvious way to get involved in the campaign. They got some funny looks from a few Marmite haters in the flock, but they’re wearing their logo with pride.”


2013_SuperFans_2_1He’s mad for Marmite

Saire May, from North Shields, changed his surname by deed poll to Marmite. Saire already has a collection of over 100 Marmite memorabilia, from limited edition jars and spoons to cufflinks and even a recipe book dating back approximately to World War II; he’s certainly a dedicated fan.

Mr. Marmite said: “My family think I’m mad, but changing my name seemed like the obvious next step to show my devotion for the spread. I already have plenty more Marmite-mad ideas in the pipeline and will continue to do my bit to spread the love and help End Marmite Neglect.”



2013_SuperFans_1_2Marmite on wheels

Jenny Balkham, from Seaton, Devon, wasn’t content simply having her Marmite on the breakfast table – she wanted to proudly display it on the roads as well. Jenny donated her green Daihatsu, which was transformed into a Marmite jar on wheels, complete with yellow lid.

Jenny said: “I was very saddened to think of all those jars neglected at the back of kitchen cupboards, so what better way to spread the word than transform my car into a giant Marmite jar!”