Marmite Reduced Salt Yeast Extract Spread 250gr 


Marmite on toast is a unique & delicious breakfast, which helps make your mornings that little bit better! New Marmite Reduced Salt Yeast Extract 250g allows you to enjoy your favourite breakfast spread but with 25% less salt.

Concerned about your families' salt intake? Why not try Marmite Reduced Salt 250g? Spread on toast it's a tasty and easy breakfast and it still has all the B vitamins of standard Marmite. What's more, just like standard Marmite it's vegetarian and vegan.

Spread Marmite on toast, crumpets, bagels and a host of other foods. You can even try Marmite with eggs, avocados or cheese for an extra burst of flavour! Marmite will get your day started off on the right foot.

Marmite is the United Kingdom's favourite Yeast Extract and has been brightening up British breakfasts since 1902. How do you have yours?

As well as Reduced Salt 250g, Marmite's Original comes in several sizes including 125g, 250g 500g, 200g and 400g squeezy, which are a little bit easier to spread so great for making your sandwiches with, and 70g, the perfect travel sized Marmite. Did you know Marmite is the most confiscated branded food at London city airport? Now the 70g jar lets you take your favourite British spread abroad in your hand luggage without worry.

Nielsen MAT Value Sales 20/05/2017 ITV April 2015 


At least 25% less salt than standard Marmite, Rich in B Vitamins, Vegan, Halal Food Authority