2011 - I DO love marmite

2011 – I DO love marmite

Back in 2011, Marmite devotee, Jennifer Constant confirmed her ‘Love it’ status this weekend in front of her friends and family when she and her fiancé, Terry, married in a fully Marmite themed wedding, complete with cake, ‘carriage’ and hat with craftily hidden jar.


The couple, who wedded in the Brecon Beacons, knew they were destined to be together forever when they met at University. Terry popped round to Jennifer’s student digs to borrow some of her beloved ‘brown spread’ when their eyes met over a Marmite and cheese sandwich. Sparks flew and they have been committed fans ever since, so much so that they were both determined for it to be one of the main features of their big day.


Shunning the trappings of a traditional wedding, Jennifer and Terry opted to make the trip from service to reception in decadent ‘spread’ style aboard a custom made Marmite cab complete with ‘Love it’ air freshener filling the journey with the unmistakable scent of the couple’s favourite yeasty spread. Once at the reception guests decided if they were a ‘lover’ or ‘hater’ with a half Marmite chocolate/half vanilla wedding cake. The groom’s sister also showed her true colours and passion by wearing a specially designed hat in the iconic Marmite yellow, red and brown. The hat even came with a tiny jar of the spread in case her cravings for the ‘sticky spread’ became too much during the ceremony.