• An illustration of UK map and a truck

    Pick up yeast from breweries across the UK and bring it to our factory in Burton-on-Trent

  • Hot pan

    Mix and heat the yeast to produce a protein-rich soup. Probably not delicious at this point.

  • B12 Goodness
    STEP 3

    Separate out the yeast cell skins from their contents, so we’re left with all the protein-y goodness. Still not delicious. But those yeast ‘skins’ aren’t just tossed aside – no sir.

    In the spirit of sustainability – what sits at the heart of the Marmite-beer relationship – we turn the yeast ‘skins’ into highly enjoyable feed for pigs.

  • water evaporating

    Remove water by evaporation, to turn the yeast into thick paste: yeast extract. Getting more delicious. Meanwhile, elsewhere, that evaporated water is turned into biogas that we use to provide steam used in future production cycles.

  • Mixing the ingredients

    Blend top-secret ingredients in, and then watch it, and taste it – and watch it, and taste it some more – for a few weeks, to make sure it becomes the Marmite you know. Peak deliciousness.

  • Marmite Jar

    Finally, pour the black gold into its iconic jars and send the stuff out to divide the nation.