2013 - End Marmite neglect

2013 – End Marmite neglect

In 2013 we found 1.4 million* brits were hoarding foods over 10 years old

…and almost seven million confess they NEVER clear out their kitchen cupboards

15% admit they serve meals to guests made from out-of-date ingredients

Research prompted the launch of ‘End Marmite Neglect’, a campaign to raise awareness of Brits’ kitchen cupboard crimes


House-proud Brits were left red-faced when it came to the state of their kitchen larder. Research, commissioned by us, revealed 57% of the nation was stock-piling food that’s over a year old, and sometimes as old as 10 years.


One in 10 admitted they only cleaned out their kitchen cupboards every five years or longer – so it’s no wonder 78% of the nation finds ingredients well past their best-before date.


Most shockingly, these old products weren’t thrown out, instead they’re served up to unsuspecting guests. 15% of Brits regularly used out-of-date ingredients in meals served to friends and family. Those in the Midlands are the most culpable as they dish up the equivalent of over 5,000* questionable meals during their lifetime.


* Figure calculated based on three meals a day with average life expectancy at birth in UK of 80.1 years, as reported by ONS 2008-2011.