New Marmite Dynamite

Love It. Hate It. Be careful with it.

Routine. The art of the everyday. The completely expected. The outward exasperation as you sit down to face, yet another bowl of greyish goo. Cue a painful grin that says, ‘I’m trying to be happy about this.’ In our books, breakfast should be mind-blowing. It should grab routine by the collar, shake it fiercely and shout, “let’s spice things up!”

Introducing Marmite Dynamite

Dynamite is our brand-new, limited-edition chilli breakfast spread. Love it or hate it, start breakfast with a bang. Boom goes your bagel. Wait, what’s for breakfast? Ka-pow crumpets! Go on, give your morning a shock to the system. Love it. Hate it. Be careful with it.


Love It. Hate It. Hear about it!

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