2015 - 'Saving' Dean Gaffney

2015 – ‘Saving’ Dean Gaffney

In 2015, Marmite has left no cupboard unopened in its drive to end neglect of its precious jars once and for all. But now this national ‘search and rescue’ campaign has laid bare another shocking phenomenon – the neglect of once loved but forgotten celebrities.

And in response, Marmite has established a dedicated arm of its Neglect Squad to focus on the rehabilitation of public figures who are experiencing the devastating abandonment of a career cul-de-sac. The first to be retrieved from the showbiz abyss is former soap star Dean Gaffney.


The Marmite Neglect Squad discovered Dean in a horrific state – lacking confidence and public recognition – performing a daytime amateur magic show in a deserted north London working men’s club.

Thanks to the Neglect Squad’s tireless work, support and plenty of Marmite on toast, Dean has been backed by an A-list team of management; a ruthless agent, a stylist and fabulous glam squad, who have since re-acquainted him with the life of a VIP. Cue exclusive glossy magazine shoots, chauffeur-driven trips to pick up new jars of Marmite, and, of course, a corner table at Chiltern Firehouse!


Since sealing his return, Dean has become the new celebrity face of the Marmite ‘End Neglect’ campaign – he will help by spreading the word and raising awareness about continued Marmite cruelty – educating the public on how to combat the on-going crisis.