2010 - Marmite Election

2010 – Marmite Election

Love it or Hate it…which side are you on?

We asked the nation to cast their vote in election campaign

Two political parties ‘The Love Party’ and ‘The Hate Party’ went head-to-head in an fierce election battle to determine whether we are a nation of Marmite ‘Lovers’ or ‘Haters’.


Each party had a Marmite-related manifesto and an overall promise.


The Hate Party led by Steve Heaving promised to ‘Stop the Spread’ of Marmite by reducing and ultimately terminating its production and consumption. They pledged to introduce designated ‘Marmite-eating’ zones across the UK and planned to set up a ‘Spread Offenders List’ to expose Marmite lovers. They planned to enforce a compulsory label change to ‘Tarmite’ and insisted that a bad breath warning is included on pack.


The opposition Love Party was led by Faye Freely, whose wholehearted aim was to ‘Spread the Love’ of Marmite first across the UK and then around the world. They believed everyone should know how delicious it tastes and that it is packed full of B vitamins.  They  proposed developing new ways for Marmite to help tackle society’s issues, such as Marmite flavoured pencils in schools to boost attendance. They pledged to set up anger management courses for Marmite haters and to criminalize all acts of face-pulling towards the Marmite-loving community. Upon success, they proposed to build a celebratory Marmite shrine for lovers across the world to congregate and worship.


Both parties appealed to potential voters through a series of TV, radio, press, online adverts, door drops and PR outreach including party political broadcasts, news bulletins and debates. Both sides also assembled an official cabinet of specialist members, who were tasked with recruiting party members, canvassing for votes and spreading the campaign messages even further.